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European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT)

Direction: Innovative Europe

The mission of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology is to: Increase Europe's competitiveness, its sustainable economic growth and job creation by promoting and strengthening cooperation among leading business, education and research organisations, Power innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe by creating environments for creative and innovative thoughts to thrive.


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NCP European Institute of Innovation and Technology

The national contact point of the European Union Framework Program for Research and Innovation "Horizon Europe" ("Horizon Europe Program"), which provides informational and methodological support for the relevant …

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) is an independent EU body. It increases Europe’s ability to innovate by nurturing entrepreneurial talent and supporting new ideas.

Areas of intervention:

  • strengthening sustainable innovation ecosystems across Europe;
  • fostering the development of entrepreneurial аnd innovation skills in a lifelong learning perspective and support the entrepreneurial transformation of EU universities;
  • bringing new solutions to global societal challenges to the market;
  • creating synergies and added-value within Horizon Europe.

The EIT will also contribute to achieving the 4 key strategic orientations in the Horizon Europe strategic plan.

EIT website

EIT Support for Ukraine

The EIT’s strategy, priorities, objectives, key actions, activities, mode of operation, and expected impacts are presented in the EIT Strategic Innovation Agenda 2021-2027.

All funding information and details on how to apply are on the Funding and Tenders portal.

There are currently nine Innovation Communities and each focuses on a different societal challenge:

  • EIT Climate-KIC: Working to accelerate the transition to a zero-carbon economy.
  • EIT Digital: Driving Europe’s digital transformation.
  • EIT Food: Leading a global revolution in food innovation and production.
  • EIT Health: Giving EU citizens greater opportunities to enjoy a healthy life.
  • EIT InnoEnergy: Achieving a sustainable energy future for Europe.
  • EIT Manufacturing: Strengthening and increasing the competitiveness of Europe’s manufacturing industry.
  • EIT Raw Materials: Developing raw materials into a major strength for Europe.
  • EIT Urban Mobility: Smart, green and integrated transport.
  • EIT Culture & Creativity: Transforming Europe’s Cultural & Creative Sectors and Industries.

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